Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Vet Visit Today- Day Four

Ezri and I cuddled for a few minutes this morning. Still no biting just lots of love.
I am taking her to the vet for an exam, wing and nail trim. I am driving to Lake Oswego to see
Marli Litner. Check out her site here. Traffic is notoriously bad so I will be leaving early. Don't want to miss this appointment.
After the appointment she will move to our bedroom. Ezri will get more attention and exposure to John. More details later today.

Ezri had a good exam. She passed a thorough physical and had a fecal test. All is ok. She was a little noisy on the way there. It was bright out and people always tried to look at her as they were driving by. On the way back it was getting dark and she was quiet. Ezri tends to squawk a hellow to you when you first see her and when you leave. Other than that she is really quiet.

Here are the pictures of the promised time with me.

She also spent some time on John's shoulder and on his hand. It is a good start. Ezri
is not that comfortable with him but I can see her changing easily.

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