Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ezri's Second Day

I went in to un- cover her this morning and she is doing well. I was able to reach in a take out her water dish with out incident. I cleaned it and filled it with warm water. When I was putting it back in her cage I offered her a drink from it. She took two. The she tried to come out so I offered her my arm. I left my arm in the cage so she jumped on then jumped off after a few seconds. She is now eating. She did not try to bite me.
I just spent an hour with her. I was drinking my coffe and she was eating her breakfast of seed.
I did offer her some birdie bread. She took it gently from my fingers and nibbled some and dropped it. I gave her a bigger piece and she literally kicked it off the perch with her little leg.
John was able to feed her some millet through the cage bars. They had a nice interaction. Her comfort level is still just at handing food to her.
After her vet visit Tuesday we shall see if she wants to come out and say Hi!

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